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My Blogs

First, of course, there’s the one here, which is about hosting and managing sites, both our own and for our clients. Then there’s the one at, which is my personal blog and web site. Then there’s the site, which describes our services and interests, and has a somewhat outdated list of initiatives we’re working on.

The Sustainable Business Incubator and Sustainable Business Network site also have blog entries, and the Incubator also has its own “resource network” site, at (The SBN site currently points to a Ning site, where anyone can join.) The Green Ventures Conference site / is also a blog site, currently an archive of the Conference, which is out on audio CD.

The site is another blog site, and can also be reached at, and

I have lots of other WordPress sites, but the other main ones are the Bernards Democrats site, and the Bernards Voices site. Here are some of the others:

More to come, as they get moved over from the previous hosting provider…

All of these sites, except the Ning site and Altonomy, which is just a placeholder page, are WordPress sites. Technically, all these sites are blogs, though some of them focus on the “pages” rather than the “posts,” which makes them more like traditional web sites. But the WordPress innovation is to separate form and content so successfully that it’s actually not worth building a traditional HTML site anymore. Here’s an example of the difference between a blog or WordPress site – Somerset Hills Business Network – and a traditional, “hand-built” site – the old SHBN site – which was a complete bear to maintain.

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